Train Tramps: The Bachelorette Party

Back in college, they played a game every week. They all decided to play a game before the bachelorette party. Each member of the foursome is well stacked with thin firm figures and just notable tight abs. They are wearing matching tennis shirts and miniskirts. Cynthia is a bubbly beauty with a sun kissed tan and curly blond hair. Jade is alluring Asian girl with a nice narrow behind and short brown hair. Ayesha is a glamorous golden brown beauty with long black pigtails. Priya is an enchanting shapely slender Indian with long black hair. 

	The wedding planer, Bonnie joins them. She is on her cell phone with the caterers. Bonnie is almost as slender and stacked as Priya. She is wears a gray blouse and checker blazer with and a matching skirt. Her brunette hair is in a bun.

	The four girls leave the tennis club, disappointed to find out its being remodeled over the next few days. Not to be detoured them, the girls decide to take the train to the local fitness center. They board nearly packed train. There are only few free seats available on the train, right across from each other. They lay their rackets on their laps.

	The man sitting between Cynthia and Jade was in a deep slumber. Bonnie sits between Ayesha and Priya. The man sitting between Cynthia and Jade was beings to snore drawing the foursome’s attention. "Whoa! Check out what Sleepyhead’s packing," Cynthia says. She points to the huge bulge in the man’s trousers. The man must be having a sex dream. Both Jade and Cynthia feel compel to touch it. Jade unbuttons and unzips his trousers. His eleven inch trousers snake rises like it’s in a trance. His cock is a foot long to the girls surprise. "You two haven’t change since college." Priya states as Bonnie watch them, 

	Jade and Cynthia slide their finger along his shaft of his big cock. "Relax girls, there’s enough of me to go around," he murmurs still dreaming. Cynthia looks at Jade and shrugs her shoulders. She licks the dick tip up and down as her three friends watch. Her tongue is shortly joined by Jade’s tongue. Their tongues start playing tennis with the tip. Cynthia sucks the head, then Jade does the same. The two of them alternate, sliding the cock down their throats. 

	"I’ll have to call you back," she says to her client. The agent watches as Cynthia and Jade slide their lips along the shaft. She watches Cynthia and Jade roll their tongues around the cock head. "That’s it girls," the man states, still sleeping. The agent’s eyes light up as the cock supping semen into the girls’ hair and on their faces.

	Jade take a towel out her duffel bag. They cleaned themselves and the cock off with the towel. Jade zips up his trousers. The man wakes up not know what just happen to him None of them could believe he slept through all that. They don’t say a word about it, although they all thought about it. The train stops and he gets off. As he leaves the girls talk about his cock.

	"Boy, what I would do for a nice big cock, right now," Ayesha and Priya, both state. The agent rubs her hands across their knees and up their skirts. Her hands slide up their thighs and down their panties. She plays with their pussies, getting them to play with their tits. The agent pull hands out as the girls return the favor, unbutton her blazer and blouse. With a kiss she swap spit with Cynthia then does to Jade. Not to be left out, Ayesha and then Priya make out the agent. 

	Ayesha off the agent’s panties and throws into the forming male audience. A young Asian man catches it and Ayesha signals him to come to her. Ayesha grabs her racket and rubs the handle across the agent’s damping pussy. She thrust the handle in and out the pussy making moan for more. The Asian man takes control of the racket as Ayesha gets on her knees and drop the man’s pants.

	Ayesha lift and licks the long dick as Cynthia joins her. They lick his dick and his balls get him to inflate. The dick curves up in grows two inches as the tip pass Ayesha’s lips and down her throat. He pulls out and slides his dick down Cynthia’s throat. The dick slides between both girls’ lips with the tip out as they massage his balls. He bangs the agent with the racket as he endures the doubleheader from Ayesha and Cynthia.

	Priya takes out her top in wraps herself around the agent. She buries the agent’s face in between her breasts as she gives her a combination lap and belly dance. The agent plays with Priya’s perfect plump tits. The Asian man smacks Priya’s round ass cheeks with his cock. He precedes to poke her pussy. "Not in there. I’m getting married in the morning." she tells him as she slips his prick into ass. The Asian precedes pound her ass as an Indian man forces his way through the crowd.

	Bonnie and others recognize him as Priya’s groom, Raj. "Don’t be upset Raj," Ayesha tells him as caress his crotch and unzips his pants. "Have some fun with us." Cynthia adds pulling out his cock. Both girls stroke his cock as the guide his hands to their panties. He plays with their clit as they play with his balls. Jade joins in, kneeling before him giving him head and playing with herself. Ayesha and Cynthia join Jade, giving Raj a tripleheader. Jade sucks and licks the head as Ayesha and Cynthia do the same to the shaft.

	The Asian man pulls out of Priya and sprays her ass with cum. Priya gets off of Bonnie. Bonnie sucks the Asian cock for every last drop of the cum. He holds down Bonnie’s head get her to deep throat him. Bonnie’s tongue bathes him as it slides allover to his parts. She finishes by sucking down every last drop of cum the cock and shallows.

	Raj rams his cock up Ayesha’s asshole as he throttles rackets up the asses of Cynthia and Jade. He stays in the rhythm of train’s pistons, pounding the girls. Raj switches things up with the three girl. His cock slides deep into Cynthia’s cunt as he switches the rackets into the Ayesha and Jade’s cunt. All three girls simultaneous reach an orgasm. 

	Raj takes a seat as Jade jumps on top him grinding his cock inside her pussy. He takes of her top in fondles her bouncy boobs. Jade unbuckle her bra and takes off, allowing to Raj to suckle and play with her bare breasts. She cums with him and climbs off him. Her breasts surround Raj’s ripe rod. She jerks him her jugs as she scrapes her tongue against the cock’s head, inducing another eruption from it.
	Priya took the place of her friends on her groom’s cock. She wraps one arm him as her other hand guides his cock into her cunt. She bounces up and down on his cock, while having an orgasm. Hold her by her side as her pussy pumps his cock. Exhaled, she screams in ecstasy as he cums inside of her.

	In the next morning, Raj and Priya got married. In the end, Raj and Priya became swingers. Ayesha dated and later got engaged to the Asian guy she met in the train. Cynthia started riding the train everyday. And Jade had a baby with Raj with the nickname, Choo-Choo.
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